Our Services


Blue Frog Construction is a professional building company providing comprehensive analysis, planning, design, construction and renovation services. Our diverse experience and performance focused building processes are behind many of the region’s innovative commercial structures and contemporary medical facilities. We provide services for a broad range of commercial projects of varying sizes, while specializing in providing services for medical, dental, optical and veterinary practices.

 Our Services Include:

  • Site Selection and Feasibility Assistance
  • Financing Recommendations
  • Partner vendors recommendation: ie IT and equipment
  • Design-Build Services
  • Full Architectural Services to Include Engineering
  • Interior & Building Design Services
  • Construction & Management Services


With over 400 doctors served, we are the team to make your dream a reality!


Who We Work With

We work with a range of clients from individual business owners to enterprise development companies across a broad spectrum of industries from hospitality and luxury high rise installations to corporate franchise projects.

- Medical / Dental / Optical / Veterinary
- Restaurant / Hospitality
- Government Agencies
- Retail Infrastructure & Interior
- Corporate Franchises
- Luxury Residential (on a select basis)

How Are We Different?

From our initial meeting with clients to the final walk through inspection we distinguish ourselves to clients with a consistent professional approach and projects that are complete, on time and within budget. We believe in direct communication with our clients to insure performance promises are met and unexpected issues are avoided. We genuinely understand the value and importance of the investment our clients are making in projects. We respect that investment with professional processes and senior level attention to every project regardless of size or budget.

Proposals & Estimates

Our ability to deliver the performance we promise is contingent on an organized and detail focused proposal and estimation process. While each project is unique, we do apply a sequential process to developing proposals and estimates. We feel this process is incredibly important and we take the time to make sure our clients completely understand all elements in detail. We encourage clients to give us as much information as is available and ask any and all questions during this process. Approved estimates define the contracts our projects are specifically performed within.

Blue Frog Construction LLC

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